How to Succeed on Artstation – Official Guidelines

I have collected a summary of official recommendations for promotion on Artstation. If you’ve decided to get serious about promoting on Artstation you definitely need to explore them.

Complete your ArtStation profile with your skills and software

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Ensure your ArtStation profile is complete with your abilities and software knowledge. However, it’s important not to overemphasize skills you’re only marginally proficient at. Instead, focus on showcasing your strong points and use your portfolio to validate these competencies.

Your profile completeness is crucial, as the Pro Search feature is commonly used to discover artists. Many have secured freelance opportunities through this feature, which functions optimally when your skill and software details are correctly filled in.

Fill out the Category, Subject Matter, Software (if applicable), and Tags for your Project

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Remember to correctly categorize your project by providing details about the category, subject matter, software used, and relevant tags. By doing so, your project’s visibility and discoverability improve, attracting potential clients, recruiters, and fans.

Even though popular artists may trend without providing these details, filling in these fields increases your chances of being discovered on the homepage or through searches. Most channels are based on the categories you assign to your artwork, so the more relevant information you provide, the greater the likelihood of your work appearing in more places and being found in searches even years later.

Typically, artwork with breakdown shots, supported by ArtStation’s multiple images, animated gifs, videos, and 3D formats like Marmoset and Sketchfab, receive more views and likes.

Interact with the community. Participate in ArtStation Challenges and Jams

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Engaging with the ArtStation community through participation in challenges and jams is beneficial regardless of your skill level. It’s an opportunity to improve, socialize, create portfolio pieces, and expose your work to a large audience. Participating in these activities can lead to job offers and recognition, even if you don’t win the challenges.

Those unable to commit to long-term challenges can participate in shorter events like the ArtStation Jams. These offer a chance to gain recognition while engaging in fun community activities.

Artists concerned about their popularity often lack engagement, demonstrated by publishing only a few pieces of artwork, not following other artists, and not interacting with the community. Conversely, successful artists consistently publish new work, engage with other artists, and share their ArtStation work on other social networks.

Create a blog and share your artwork

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Creating and posting to a blog is crucial as your followers are notified of your new work, which typically results in increasing the popularity of your content due to likes from your followers.

Creating a blog and sharing your artwork on ArtStation can increase engagement. Sharing process videos, writing tutorial posts, or offering free or accessible products on your store can attract more visitors. Sharing your artwork on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can increase visibility. Sharing behind-the-scenes work or thoughts can be effective when a project description doesn’t suffice.