Artstation Followers and Views Promotion 2024 – Full Manual

I promote dozens of accounts a month on Artstation and I have a lot to tell you. I’m writing this content solely from a marketer’s perspective to grow your Artstation account metrics – followers, comments, likes, views, in a minimum amount of time. That’s my main job.

Define Keywords for Promotion

In order for you to get traffic not only from your friends-followers, but also from search engines and from the internal artstation search, you need to pick the top 3-5 keywords that you will focus on when promoting.

Artstation Top Traffic Keywords

(it might take a couple of seconds to load the tables, if not direct link)

Artstation Top Artists Traffic

Study this table and take an example from the most famous and visited artists. Explore their profile and artwork description. Research the tags they add to their artworks. Read their responses to comments. And adopt whatever seems necessary to you.

(direct link)

Artstation search is a very cool tool. Type in the queries you have chosen to promote and see what titles and descriptions the best concept and 3D artists in the world have.

Read Best Artists and Official Recommendations

Tips from Best Artists and How to Succeed on Artstation – Official Guidelines

It is important not just to read these materials and selectively follow them. It is important to study and follow all the advice in these materials carefully.

A typical mistake 95% of all artists on artstation make is that they only follow part of the guidelines. And this is the main mistake, such partial promotion does not work.

artstation top keywords promotion traffic

Once you have decided on the keywords you will be promoting, your goal is to maximize their use everywhere within the Artstation.

Use in artwork descriptions, profile descriptions, tags, blog articles – everywhere.

Complete Everything You Can

Make sure that your profile is complete, add your skills and software. You fill out the section about yourself roughly like this:

Optimize your ArtStation profile: Ensure that your ArtStation profile is complete and visually appealing. Use a professional profile picture, write a compelling bio, and include relevant information about yourself and your artistic style.

Country Matters

If you have some big financially prosperous country listed in your profile, your profile will be followed 10-15% more often. Most artists on Artstation want to find a high-paying job in a large foreign company and increase their network through followers.

Therefore, if your goal is to maximize the number of followers and activity of your account – write some large countries, such as the United States, Germany, United Kingdom even if you do not live in these countries. No one needs your honesty when you are an unknown artist with no money.

Don’t forget Tags

followers views tags traffic

The right tags combined with the right keywords will give you a more than 25% increase in views and follower count. Where to get tags with more traffic and how to make a list of tags read in the article Popular Artstation Hashtags.

Higher position – Higher growth

The cooler your profile post sounds – the more followers and views you’ll have. No one wants to sign up for a no-name aspiring loner with no connections and no experience.

What kind of posts do you need to write to grow your account:

  • Concept Art Director
  • Art studio
  • Director of Art Department
  • Lead Artist
  • Founder
  • Senior Art Director
  • Lead of Concept Art Department
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Art Outsourcing Studio
  • Senior Executive Graphic Designer
  • Game Outsource Studio

What posts to write so you never have followers, views and likes:

  • Art Student
  • Freelance Artist
  • Midjourney AI Artist
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Art Enthusiast
  • Game Art Graduate
  • Concept Artist
  • Traditional Art
  • Animation Student
  • 2D Artist

Of course, if you’re a beginner, putting up a position like Art Director or Founder isn’t really fair. But I’m not talking about honesty in this article, I’m talking about results.

It Takes Time

Artstation algorithms and search engines index and take into account your profile changes for a very long time. Don’t expect quick results, everything takes a long time.