Tips from Top Artists – How to Promote on Artstation

Artstation Challenging

Artstation can be challenging for artists who want to gain followers and increase visibility. It’s not just about creating amazing art, you also need to have marketing skills.

promotion challenges

Important to remember that a combination of impressive art and effective marketing is necessary.

Having attention on your work can lead to finding new opportunities, and upgrading to a pro account can make your art more visible.

Here you can find all artstation challenges and contests.

Professional presentation is key

As an Artstation artist, one of the most crucial decisions you need to make is determining which artworks will comprise your public collection.

Example of a profile with a good presentation of work

quality promoted profile

Keep in mind that you will be judged based on the weakest piece in your Artstation portfolio.

High-quality images

Additionally, it’s essential to obtain high-quality images of his art. Professional presentation plays a significant role because the more professional your work appears, the more seriously you will be taken.

Dont be Shy

Don’t hold back. Your shyness should not be reflected in your work. Push yourself further and step out of your comfort zone. Explore uncharted territories and challenge yourself.

don't be afraid to express yourself

You need to have a greater desire for success. Remember, your goal is not just to solve a problem but to leave us awestruck.


Networking plays a vital role in an artist’s journey towards recognition. That’s why many artists choose to relocate to cities like NYC, London, and Berlin.

effective networking

If you decide to do the same, it’s important to actively engage in social events and gatherings, where you can promote yourself and your artwork. Discuss your artistic endeavors and aspirations with other artists, seizing opportunities to connect with new individuals.

Following up with these connections and following them in Artstation is crucial. This networking process is fundamental, for better or worse, and is applicable to various industries, as it is a key aspect of conducting business.

Valuable Lesson

One valuable lesson I’ve learned is the importance of posting finished work rather than sharing work-in-progress. I’ve tried sharing incomplete pieces in the past, and it simply doesn’t yield good results. It’s like giving your best shot at the final release.

followers and likes matter

I’ve noticed that the average number of artwork likes in Artstation I receive is about 10% of the total viewership, even for what I consider my “best” work.

Some of my friends have gained thousands of Artstation followers, and it seems to come from participating in significant events such as contests and sharing posts that interest the community.

artwork skills

Possess impressive skills

I can also see that you possess impressive skills in texturing and modeling. However, there might be room for improvement in the area of lighting, in my humble opinion.

artstation impressive skills

Your pictures could benefit from some additional light. Please keep in mind that I am not in a position to give advice, as I don’t have as many followers as you do.

But from my observations, it seems that consistency and emulating successful artists are key factors. Perhaps having a better preview cut, following current trends, or showcasing specific technical skills could help.

Personally, I believe I can do better, but sometimes I had to make compromises for certain job requirements.

artstation and reddit

Try Reddit

I would suggest considering promoting your profile and artworks not only on Artstation but also on Reddit. Unlike other platforms where your success seems tied to the numbers, on Reddit it feels more like a spinwheel prize selection.

reddit artstation promotion

The appreciation for your creations isn’t solely dependent on your existing numbers. This refreshing approach allows for engagement with people without feeling like you’re solely chasing numbers. However, I would advise against cluttering your artist profile with excessive self-promotion, as it can come across as spam.

Reddit Engagement

In my opinion, Reddit surpasses most social media platforms. The level of engagement, both through votes and comments, is far greater than what I’ve experienced on Instagram.

People actually respond and react to your work, which is something I truly appreciate. It’s also easier to get “seen” on Reddit, either through chronological search results or by gaining the most votes and becoming the hottest post.

feedback your artworks

This visibility typically lasts about 24-48 hours, which is quite beneficial. Additionally, Reddit offers a wide range of communities (subs) for various interests, allowing you to post your work in relevant categories such as painting, portraits, psychedelic art, and more.

If you have fan art, there are specific groups dedicated to that as well. Overall, Reddit provides numerous opportunities to gain exposure for your art.

artstation and instagram

About Instagram for Artstation

Focus on quality is more about artstation, not instagram. Instagram more about promoting and growing your account through strategic use of hashtags and consistent posting.

The recommended frequency for engagement is to post 1 to 4 times a day. However, it’s important not to become overly stressed about these strategies, as it can lead to burnout. Instead, focus on creating art that you’re proud of and post when you’re able to.

promote your artworks in instagram

Instagram operates on a PR mechanism where businesses can artificially boost their follower count through third-party apps or by putting in a lot of effort to attract followers.

Some individuals even engage in tactics like “follow for a follow,” but these interactions are not genuine. In reality, having 100 authentic followers on Instagram is more valuable than having 1,000 fake or inactive accounts.