How it works?

The scheme of work is simple

  1. Explore the site and answers to questions
  2. Decide how many followers you want to promote your account.
  3. Pay for the number of followers you choose
  4. Send me the cookies of your account so that I can promote it.
  5. Learn the rules during Artstation account promotion.
  6. Enjoy real people who follow you, like and comment on your artwork.

Test free followers

Write to me on any available contacts and send me the account that you want to promote.
I do a free test for 50 followers to confirm that I work honestly and by Artstation rules.

Checking follower

You check the test followers to make sure they are active and not fake. To check, you can write to these users and ask questions to understand that these are real people from different parts of the world.

Next, if everything is okay and you like it – we agree on a paid promotion of your account.

Additional bonuses

In addition to followers, you get likes, views, and comments on your profile work. Sometimes there are a lot of likes and comments, sometimes not. It all depends on the quality and interest of your work.


If users like your work, they will follow you, write you in the comments, and like your work.  If they don’t like your work, they’ll tell you as well. Everything will be fair. 

After all, your page will be visited by real Artstation users and I will not be able to somehow influence them.  In the case of promotion, be prepared for some healthy criticism of the work in your portfolio.

Organic promotion

I only use legitimate promotion methods, exclusively in accordance with Artstation rules. All followings, likes, and comments will come to your account from other real accounts.

Simulating a real user

When promoting I add natural delays between clicks on buttons and pages, random clicks, solving captchas, regular profile views and works without likes, and other actions that imitate the real use of your site
Technically it is not almost impossible to distinguish between you manually using the site or I promote your account.