Rules for using account during promotion

  1. You can not publish any links: neither in private messages, not in comments, not in the description of your work.
  2. Do not log out of your account, otherwise, your account cookies will stop working and promotion will stop.
  3. You should also realize that during the promotion your account will follow and likes new accounts and delete old follows and likes, so if necessary, save them before promotion.
  4. Don’t PM text with anyone on the subject of followers and don’t mention the “followers” world in your correspondence.

Recommendations (not necessarily, but recommended)

  1. During the promotion try not to log in to your account. If you want to monitor the promotion is better just go to your account page, but without login to the site.
  2. You can publish new works in the process of promotion, but there may be errors when publishing, for example, error 403.
    This is normal, because promotion uses all account request limits. Try to add your work later, or after the promotion is over.

Any questions?