Top 5 Platforms Where To Sell AI Art NOW!

The artificial intelligence market is evolving rapidly, presenting new opportunities for artists worldwide to monetize their AI-generated art. In this rapidly changing landscape, it’s crucial for creators to stay updated on the best platforms to sell their artwork. This article aims to guide AI artists through the top 5 platforms where they can showcase and sell their creations effectively.

Creative Market: A Versatile Digital Marketplace

Creative Market stands out as a comprehensive platform for selling digital content, including illustrations, graphics, fonts, photos, videos, mock-ups, and more. It operates similarly to Etsy but focuses on digital assets rather than printed goods. Success on Creative Market often comes from selling collections of images, such as desktop wallpapers or sticker packs. Although it requires effort to curate these collections, the platform provides a significant opportunity for artists to profit from their work.

Sage: A Unique Mobile Application

Sage offers a distinctive approach by serving as a mobile application where users can discover millions of wallpapers for their phones. Artists can easily upload their images, fill out necessary information, and choose how they wish to sell their work, including free, paid advertising, or purely paid options. Getting started on Sage involves completing a tax form for non-US citizens and waiting for authorization, but the process is straightforward and potentially rewarding.

FreePik: Simplified AI Art Selling

FreePik shines with its user-friendly interface and straightforward functionality, making it an excellent choice for AI artists. The platform rewards uploads with points, helping to elevate the user’s account level. Despite requiring a tax form and having strict image quality requirements, FreePik’s quick review process and the potential for high visibility make it a top choice for artists looking to sell their AI-generated art.

ArtStation: Ideal for Conceptual Designers

ArtStation is highly recommended for artists focusing on conceptual design, especially within the game development industry. It provides comprehensive tools for managing portfolios, selling artworks, engaging with subscribers, and even finding job opportunities. ArtStation supports artists in building a profitable business by offering a versatile platform tailored to the creative industry’s needs.

Adobe Stock: A Leading Stock Site for AI Images

Adobe Stock stands at the pinnacle of platforms for selling AI-generated images, offering a fast, convenient, and intuitive experience. Despite the long moderation time, which can be up to two months, the platform’s ability to promote works autonomously makes it highly attractive. Adobe Stock’s stable sales and significant passive income potential make it the best choice for artists looking to profit from their AI art.


The AI art market is brimming with opportunities for creative individuals to monetize their talents. From digital marketplaces like Creative Market and mobile applications like Sage to specialized platforms like FreePik, ArtStation, and Adobe Stock, artists have a variety of avenues to explore. By leveraging these platforms, AI artists can reach broader audiences and generate substantial income from their digital creations. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of AI art sales, and don’t forget to subscribe and comment on your experiences with these platforms.