Why do I need cookies for promotion?

I need your account cookies for my promotion software to work.
Cookies allow me to create activity in your account and promote it.

How safe is this?

  • I won’t know the password to your account and I won’t be able to change it.
  • your account is linked to your email, which can not be changed without access to it.
  • You can change your password at any time and the cookie you gave me will no longer work.

It’s also possible to send test followers to your newly created account. Just sign up a new account, fill it with artwork (at least 10), and give me new account cookies.

More about cookies

Cookies are unfortunately a complicated mechanism which is difficult to explain in simple words.
The best explanation with examples and pictures I found here:


The account cookies are obtained in a couple of clicks, here are the instructions:

How to get Artstation cookies